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Knit & Purl Stitches

2nd September 2015

An inspirational collection of 250 stitches and their patterns set to elevate your knitted projects to new heights. From a simple Garter stitch to a more complex Fancy Diamond, a classic Basketweave to a favourite Ridged Rib, each stitch features a full-colour photograph with clear and concise pattern instructions.

The Harmony Guides have been longstanding references for hand-crafters for more than thirty years. Wether you’re a designer or a knitting enthusiast, beginner or experienced knitter, the new Harmony Guides will keep you in ‘stitches’ for years to come.

  • 250 beautifully photograohed stitches made in the latest yarns and desirable colours.
  • Invaluable basics section and tips to get you started.
  • All stitches have been tried and tested to guarantee accurate results.

Design Leaflets errata

26th August 2015

Whilst we take every care to check and double check all our patterns – sometimes errors do occur…

Project 12 Cable Stitch Maxi Sweater

Column 1, line 24. delete:  41[46:51]cm/16[18:20]in.
Column 2, line 27 should read: Row 3: K3[5:7], the rest of the row is correct.
Column 2, line 32 should read: k6, p1, k2, p1, C6F, p1, k3[5:7]. The p1 after C6F is missing from the pattern.

Project 26 Rib Wrap Cardigan

Should read: With 12mm / US 17 needles cast on…
Books Errata

Simple Knits for Little Cherubs

20th August 2015

A collection of classic, vintage-style knits for little children, aged two to five years old. Not only are the designs quick to make, they are great to wear. In Simple Knits for Little Cherubs, Erika Knight has created a brilliant array of easy-to-knit projects in soft, comfortable yarns that are ideally suited to delicate, sensitive, young skin. The colour palette is deliberately retro in feel: muted soft tones of oatmeal and charcoal in marled wools, old-rose pinks and soft lavender blues, with the occasional bolder statement in black and cream.

The designs feature beautiful but subtle, finishing details that turn the garments into classics: delicate picot edges to hems, fully fashioned increases and decreases on armholes and necklines, and garter-stitch trims to pockets or sleeves. Little touches of colour and pattern – a tip of colour on the cuff of a mitten or a simple, Fairisle-style border, perhaps, above the hem of a cardigan – give the garments individuality and nostalgic appeal. These little sweaters, tops and cardigans, hats, scarves and mittens, and simple knitted toy animals, will be passed on in the family, creating heirlooms to treasure long after the little cherubs have flown the nest!

Based in just two basic stitches – stocking stitch and garter stitch – the majority of projects are within the scope of even the most inexperienced knitter.


Simple Socks

p.97, column 2, line 12 (which is missing), should read:

Join leg and foot seams.

Fluffy Bolero

p.44, column 2, line 5, should read:

Continue until work mess 23(25.5: 28)cm / 9(10:11)in.

p.45, Back, line 9, should read:

Work rows 1 and 2 three times more.

Books Errata

Simple Knits for Cherished Babies

20th August 2015



The arrival of a new baby is a very special occasion and a knitted gift is a time-honoured tradition. In Simple Knits for Cherished Babies Erika Knight shows how to create baby knits that are both delightfully soft and luxurious, but also simple and modern in style. Her marvellous designs, in pure yarns such as merino wool, silk and cashmere are not only soft and gentle for a new baby’s delicate skin, they are absolutely modern in feel. They retain as their core inspiration the best of the classic patterns for baby knits – including socks and bootees, hats, cardigans and vests – but with a modern edge.

Erika’s designs are quick and simple to knit, but highly textural in feel. Even a complete novice can master most of the patterns in the book, and the simplest will take only a few hours to knit.

In a carefully chosen colour range of pastels and neutrals, these knits are the heirlooms of the future. If you are expecting a baby, or know someone who is, then this is the book to get you knitting.

  • full of quick and easy designs
  • graded in three sizes – from birth to nine months
  • simple, jargon-free patterns

Published by Anova. Photography John Heseltine. RRP UK £9.99.


Chunky Knit Cardigan

p.53 column 2, line 25 – stitch count should read: 80(88:98) stitches NOT 82(92:102)

Books Errata

Simple Knits for Easy Living

20th August 2015



Highly textural and elegantly designed, knitted textiles are modern, adaptable and extremely comfortable. In this aspirational yet practical book, Erika Knight shows how to create exquisitely beautiful designs for the home. The elegant, understated sophistication of Erika’s designs is matched by the restrained colour palette of the yarns: natural shades of ecru, graphite, indigo, heather and moss.

Starting with an introduction to basic knitting techniques, and using only natural yarns, bamboo needles and the easiest stitches, Simple Knits for Easy Living demonstrated photographically every element, from casting on to increasing and decreasing.

Using the simplest techniques, Erika has created a range of practical yet extremely attractive quick-to-knit textiles for home, including cushions, throws, rugs, runners, bags and wraps. Many of the patterns are based on a plain square. All of them are within the grasp of a complete novice knitter and almost all of them could be completed in a weekend, if not in an evening.

For anyone who wants to give their house a contemporary look, can spare the small amount of time to create these exceedingly easy textiles, Simple Knits for Easy Living is a godsend.

Published by Anova. Photography by John Heseltine. RRP UK £9.99.

Books Errata

Essential Crochet

20th August 2015

essentialcrochetsoftCrochet is cool again. Currently a favourite with both leading fashion and interior designers, the traditional craft of crochet is back in vogue. Spearheading the revival is leading designer Erika Knight, with this collection of 30 homeware and accessory projects. Get hooked!

  • packed with 30 projects from cosy rugs and rustic throws to delicate lace cushions and beaded jewellery
  • embraces both traditional and modern designs, such as a classic patchwork blanket and an asymmetrical table runner
  • uses an array of materials, including the familiar wools and cottons and the more unusual leather, string and wire
  • begins with a chapter on basic techniques to teach the beginner how to crochet and provide a welcome refresher for those returning to the craft
  • each project is clearly explained and the instructions are devised so the minimum number of steps provides the maximum results

Published by Quadrille. Photography Graham Atkins Hughes. RRP UK £14.99.


Round rose cushion (Paperback edition)

p.92 Round 25, should read:

Round 25: 4 chain, * miss 1 dc and 1 half treble, 12 tr, miss 1 half treble and 1 dc, 1 double treble between petals, repeat from * to end, slip stitch to top of 4 chain.


Books Errata

Simple Crochet

20th August 2015


Simple Crochet is a modern twist on traditional craft, using a stunning range of natural materials. Raffia, leather and string are juts a few of the yarn with which you can crochet, producing a range of elegant textiles for the home. What is more, you need no previous experience! Erika Knight, one of our foremost textile designers, uses only a couple of basic stitches with which to create an innovative range of twenty brilliantly simple projects.

Her appealing and original designs are created in a contemporary colour palette, based on neutrals, with touches of vibrant colour. They fit easily into modern interiors as well as more traditional homes, and range from the most inexpensive round cushion in parcel string to a luxurious leather floor cushion.

The wonderful collection of projects includes cushions in many different guises, as well as rugs and throws in which traditional techniques are given a modern twist – from traditional afghans in cool monochromes to pieced crochet patchworks. Storage boxes, little Turkish slippers, a cover for a cafetiere and a table runner are just some of the more unusual designs in this book.

A short, fully illustrated section shows you how to master the basics of crochet as well as the principal stitches used in the book.

Simple Crochet is a must for anyone who wants to create a simple but beautiful textiles for their home.

Books Errata

Simple Knitting

20th August 2015


Simple Knitting is a unique workshop-based, how-to-knit book that will teach you the key techniques whilst creating an enviable collection of knitted items. Each of the 20 projects in the book teaches a new skill, as well as building upon and consolidating those knitting techniques already learnt through preceding projects. With a series of workshop-style masterclasses Erika Knight explains all the essential information – from achieving a perfect tension and substituting yarns or stitch textures, to more advanced cables and shaping – alongside broader design principles, such as building a colour palette.

Providing a unique opportunity to learn the design secrets of one of the world’s most highly respected knitwear designers, Erika shares her special tricks of the trade within the book. Erika’s signature style, for which she has become renowned worldwide, is her sophisticated simplicity. Simple Knitting is the embodiment of that elegant reductivism. Her designs proved that you can make wonderful, original items for your home and yourself at the same time as mastering a repertoire of skills. Likewise, her preference for a refined natural palette of earthy shades with the odd highlight hue is perfectly in tune with the current mood for relaxed, homely interiors.

With inspiring photography by Yuki Sugiura that showcases each of the beautiful designs, supported with clear charts and artworks, Simple Knitting is the ultimate learn-to-knit book.

Published by Quadrille. Photography Yuki Sugiura. RRP UK £16.99.

Books Errata

Men’s Knits

20th August 2015


A capsule collection of 20 hand-knit projects for men of all ages, from 17 to 71. Offering sweaters, cardigans, vests and accessories; Erika knows exactly what knitwear men want to wear: practical and comfortable yet also distinctive and stylish. The first section, Basics, presents strong, classic shapes, from the definitive v-neck sweater to an easy-wear cardigan. In New Classics, Erika has reworked many of the basic menswear shapes to give them a contemporary edge. So the basic v-neck sweater becomes a slimmer fit whilst a cardigan is patterned in oversized cables. The Items section includes one-off garments for men who aren’t afraid of making a statement whilst Accessories complete the look with a selection of hats and scarves.

Yarns are all natural – wools, cottons, bamboo and hemp – and the palette is neutral, stone, grey and basic black, along with some stronger fashion colours such as teal and chocolate. Each garment comes in a range of five sizes – from small to xxl – and schematics are given to detail the key measurements. Stunning photography shows the garments in alternative colour ways, different moods, and worn by men of all ages.

Published by Quadrille. Photography Chris Terry. RRP UK £14.99.


Shawl Collar Cardigan (First edition)

p. 36, column 2, line 15:

Should read: K and inc 1 st at beg of next and 5 foll RS rows. 16 sts.

Page 36, column 2, line 18:

Should read: Dec 1 st at beg of next and 5 foll RS rows. 10sts rem.

Books Errata

Natural Nursery Knits

20th August 2015



In Natural Nursery Knits Erika Knight has combined the purest yarns with irresistible designs to create a collection of 20 hand knits for the newborn baby. Ranging from practical first garments, cosy blankets and delightful toys to heirloom pieces, all the designs are made from organic or sustainable fibres. With Natural Nursery Knits you can make your own keepsake hand knits to be treasured in baby’s room for years to come.

Published by Quadrille. Photography Kristin Perers. RRP UK £16.99.

The following patterns will work well knitted in British Blue wool:

  • Classic Cardigan p. 88-89
  • Rabbit Rattle p.96-97
  • Hat and Boots p.98-99
  • Fairisle Papoose p.10-101
  • First Blanket p.102-103
  • Sweater and Trousers p.110-113
  • Soaker Pants p.122-123
  • Spotty Giraffe p.128-129