Knit it Tonight

6th August 2015

A collar, scarf, hat with fur pom poms, hat with fur brim, mittens, socks, welly toppers and a headband.

Sometimes you just want a little inspiration on hand to make a little something as a last minute gift for a friend, or an event or just need some quick knitty gratification. Whatever the cause, need or reason I hope you may find something here that will ignite an idea.

British sheep are shorn, their fleeces selected, scoured, spun, dyed and ‘hanked’ all within 37 miles of the heritage Yorkshire Mill where its all British made.

Fur Collar

Collar knitted with fur wool in garter stitch and tied with a ribbon bow. Would work with vintage jewels or sequins sewn on too. Wear over T-shirt, shirt or sweater.

House Socks

Simple and stylish socks knitted on two needles with vintage wool, perfect for being comfortable at home or keeping you cosy in your winter boots.

Maxi Wool Hat with Fur Pom Pom

The simplest hat to make and quickly! Knit in maxi wool and top with a fur wool pom pom.

Maxi Wool Hat with Fur Brim

Another simple hat to make in maxi wool and quickly! This one with a fur wool cuff.

Fingerless Mittens

Simple stylish mittens to knit in vintage wool with long rib cuff to add cosy and colour to any outfit.

Cable Scarf with Fur Pom Poms

Giant cable knitted in maxi wool with fur wool pom pons.

Maxi Wool Headband

Simple and stylish headband knitted with maxi wool in rib and stocking stitch.

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