Regia Design Line – Jazz Colours

1st August 2015

The REGIA Design Line offers unique Special Editions in REGIA colour – with exceptional, individual colourings and effects from the hand of the designer.

I have long loved the iconic Regia brand, known for its quality yarn and innovative effects. I love too, the concept that you can simply take a ball of Regia yarn, follow the easy knitting instructions and a patterned sock appears with no tricky techniques to master!

With a passion for fashion, and especially for great accessories, I love that little pieces can instantly update your existing clothes at very little cost and that you can make them yourself.

So, I wanted to create some basic yet seasonal essentials, not only socks, but also long fingerless mittens and a funky pull on hat in this little signature collection. For the yarn colour effects, I have taken inspiration from another passion of mine, Jazz music, with threes traditional and three random contemporary colour fusions.



Pattern book and yarns available from REGIA retailers, including Deramores.

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